Like a rose...

Let me caress and warmly kiss your delicate soft blooming petals, without having to feel the pointed sting of the thorns that protect you.

Let me enjoy the unique fragrance and sweetness inside of you as a bee to a flower would, working diligently to produce the richest most delicious honey.

 Let me be the sunlight that allows you to feel great warmth and security, to graciously flower, and to grow to be even more beautiful than you already are. 

 Let me be the droplets of cool water that tickle and soothe your thorned stem, along your entire length as you push and reach out to grow towards the heavens. 

 Let me be the soil that supports and gives strength to your very roots, to provide you at the core with life, love, and laughter as as best as I can. 

 You are one of the greatest creations god has gifted us with, a rose that is blooming and has yet to see its finest days. I am the timeless essence within the the light and love of the universe, guiding and protecting always, forever, and beyond. 

 Love Arturo Mancheno 

 This poem was inspired by every sweet, beautiful girl I have ever met, or will ever meet. ;)