Montañita, Ecuador Part 1

So one of my favorite places to visit while vacationing in Ecuador is Montañita. People from around the world come to this surfing beach town for the serious partying that happens week long but especially on the weekends where by default the partying can go on until sunrise, and then some. This time my visit to this town was different from all of the other times I had been there, mainly because I had decided to try ayahuasca for the first time and the place I decided to go to for this happened to be not too far from Montañita, right next door in Manglar Alto.

Now most people that know me know that I strongly believe that when coincidences constantly pop up in my life I take it that I am being in line with the path I should take. In this case the person that drove me out from Guayaquil to Montañita just happened to live right down the street from where I planned my stay @ Bromelia during the ayahuasca experience / ceremony.  I had called ahead of time and spoke to Tito, the owner of Bromelia, and felt comfortable trusting him enough to commit and go through with the ayahuasca experience.  I was happy I went this route because I ended up staying @ Bromelia for 2 days and enjoying the company I found there.  Tito is the surfer I photographed up top.

  I ended up hitting the northern beach side of Montañita, an area I had seen before but had no idea really how nice it was (and different from the main party area itself).  They call this area, "La Punta" because the features of the cliff located at that end look like a point.  

La Punta, Montañita, EcuadorMontañita, Ecuador

Most of the better surfing seemed to occur on this side and I found out that there was actually a local micro-brewery right on the beach (it may currently be the only microbrewery in the world on a beach).  I spent a couple of days by La Punta and enjoyed relaxing after my ayahuasca experience on the beach, trying out a few of the various beer flavors microbrewery had to offer, turns out, I enjoyed them all.   These are just a few of the wonderful views I got to enjoy while there.

Montañita, Ecuador
Montañita, Ecuador
Montañita, Ecuador

More to come soon....