Access Future Time - Mancheno's Future Time Projection Path (MFTPP)

Want to know how to predict the future? First connect to highest energy frequency spectrum in existence. Second, imagine a line that represents your past, the further this line goes away from you, the further back in time we go.

 You will represent the here and now, that is always and forever on going, forever back and forever forward. Now imagine this past line not only projecting in a direction that represents your past and away from you, but a line that intersects at YOU in the here and now. It is now a direction which if you keep following through you, projects in a direction where future time information is best conducted. I call this line that represents future time, Art Mancheno, the mother fucking bad ass mother fuckers future time link connection a la cause he exhibits the bad assery really to the max, or not much more simply, Mancheno's Future Time Projection Path MFTPP. 

 It is set up specifically for those gifted enough to know how to connect with self and then the source to ride. With this method I have predicted (more recentlly) earthquakes the same day, Rain and flooding specifically to the North Bay, and too much to mention. Use your body (exercise - mechanoreception) as a generator to turn your mind into a power radio station where you are the one broadcasting your mind information unto, or taking information from.