Accessing higher frequency spectrum with the mind.

Years ago when I was contemplating how the greatest minds of all time were able to understand and explain the fundamental universal mysteries of science light years ahead of their time (the concept of the atom - Democritus Mendeleev was the person who named the atom and amazingly he figured out that atoms existed in 400 BC. Most of what he theorized was right. He said most everything was composed of the same primary matter only with different sizes, shapes and positions. Tesla, Einstein, etc...) I realized that there had to exist an energy spectrum that contained this enlightening information that they were able to tap into. I immediately "set" my mind to try and tap into this spectrum and years later have been able to tap in to this knowledge myself... directly.

 I have learned a mundane/simplistic way of teaching others how to actually be able to tap into these telepathic powers, by using the body as a generator (through exercise) to literally increase power to the brain. 

 After 2 hours of this intense exercise the brain responds by creating MORE powerful brain cells AKA neurogenesis (more excitable = lower potential threshold?), your body is built to adapt to what you are throwing at it. 

 Equally as important is knowing how to access or tune into this higher energy frequency spectrum that exists in the universe. The next step is learning how to channel this energy. 

 I am not the first to come up with some of these concepts. I think I am the first however able to explain how to actualize these theories into tangible, and shared, experiences. "It seems to me that in these rays we may have a possible mode of transmitting intelligence which, with a few reasonable postulates, may supply a key to much that is obscure in psychical research. Let it be assumed that these rays, or rays even of higher frequency, can pass into the brain and act on some nervous center there. Let it be conceived that the brain contains a center which uses these rays as the vocal chords use sound vibrations (both being under the command of intelligence), and sends them out, with the velocity of light, to impinge on the receiving ganglion of another brain. In this way some, at least, of the phenomena of telepathy, and the transmission of intelligence from one sensitive to another through long distances, seem to come into the domain of law and can be grasped. A sensitive may be one who possesses the telepathic transmitting or receiving ganglion in an advanced state of development, or who, by constant practice, is rendered more sensitive to these high-frequency waves. Experience seems to show that the receiving and the transmitting ganglions are not equally developed; one may be active, while the other, like the pineal eye in man, may be only vestigial. By such an hypothesis no physical laws are violated; neither is it necessary to invoke what is commonly called the supernatural."