Art Manchenos Guide to Greater Happiness & Fullfilment

Lets take a person and clone them. We now have Person A and Person B with identical genetic make up and experience reaction to circumstances around them.

 Now everything being the same, aside from the fact that Person A does an hour of aerobic exercise in the morning and Person B does not, we put them through an array of stressful factors and see what happens. 

 Both person A and Person B experience the same exact things that day, both spill coffee, both have a flat tire on the way to work, both get fired at work that day. Yes, that is a lot to go through in one day. 

Person A, the person that did the hour of exercise that day, will experience considerably less stress than Person B. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, aerobic exercise has an infinite amount of benefits one gains, one of those being the destruction/breaking down of a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is not a bad thing, but in greater amounts it causes stress, weakens the immune system, and has many other deliterious effects on the body. Also, aerobic exercise helps clear the mind, it makes the mind sharper so throughout the day the mind is less likely to allow itself to be guided by the stress factors and more likely to quickly look for a solution to the problem with less emotional involvement to the negative influences around. It stays focused. Along with this, aerobic exercise of this duration, at least an hour, helps to "center" the person. Instead of allowing circumstances to guide you, you are more likely to simply take the circumstances as they come and deal with the issues in the most healthy way possible, instead of feeling like a small helpless fish on the surface of a great ocean in a storm, you are like a shark in still waters surrounded by calm in the deep. 

 The difference in life experience can really boil down to just that. 

 Now, if you do an hour of specific exercise focusing on the body and the effects of gravity and do visualization techniques to clear out the mind, body, and spirit. Then you can do virtually anything. That is a process called neurogenesis and it takes you to a higher state of consciousness and life experience reserved for the most enlightented persons ever alive.