How to breathe positivity on a totally higher level.

Firstly this is a mind experience you have to decide you want to take. The concepts and exercises I am sharing will take you to a level higher than your previous experiences, specifically with this exercise of positive breathing.

 In yoga they use breathing to envision channeling good energy in along with each breath taken in, and exhaling anything else out. With repetition this gives the person a sense of heightened well being. 

 I have found a way to maximize the effectiveness and sense of well-being doing this exercise. 

 Before I begin "channeling" I firstly do some exercises to EXPAND my lung capacity - so I can draw in more air (and "positive energy"). When you do it right, you feel it, once you feel it there is no other thought aside from wanting more of this feeling, it is that good. It can really be that good when done right. 

 So before I begin "channeling" I force air into my lungs and hold and bear down so I create internal pressure pushing from the inside out. I force in more air into my lungs by actually swallowing air (like you REALLY need it maximally), then again bearing down. Maybe do this 4-5 times is usually enough. This should stretch your rib cage and intercostal muscles and ligaments from the inside out. I will call this exercise Manchenos Maximal Lung Capacity Exercise. MMLCE. 

 So, now, to channel this higher energy there is a body position that allows you to better take in air (and this "energy"). Essentially you stand on the balls of your feet with hands palms up and head facing up (play with and focus on gravity while breathing in). Your rib cage in this position should have little to no resistance and is ready to take on as much as you can take in. 

 Now imagine breathing in positive/good energy. Breathe in PURE energy, the purest energy. Breathe in pure energy, pure orderly energy, breathe in love, breathe in life while breathing in air. Breathe all of these things and anything else that is good at once. Imagine attracting these things coming into you - they are hitching a ride on the purest energy frequency possible - with light as your focus medium. You are imagining taking in this pure light into the infinite space that is inside you - into the space of every atom that makes you up. At the same time as breathing this pure light in, you take in these positive concepts in as well. With repetition you are actually exchanging this energy that exists interspersed everywhere in the universe and making it a part of your self. If you don't FEEL this, you are doing it wrong and need to believe - then feel. Feeling high naturally is the goal. There is a reason these feelings are experienced and the science is starting to finally catch up. 

 Short story - So use your breathe to take in a pure light source energy that has all these positive traits. 

Breathe - > Take in light/positivity - > Take in and eventually connect with Pure Source (highest energy frequency itself.) 

 Now if you want to take this experience to the highest level possible, it won't be easy, not by far. This is a LOT easier to focus on and actually do after 2 or so hours of intense exercise (Gravity-centric, or firing extensor muscle, exercises to affect the RAS Reticular Activating System thereby stimulating focus, arousal, consciousness and stimulating your neocortex where higher process thinking occurs.) followed by these breathing exercises THEN one hour of yoga and chi work. Why take it to the next level - The purpose of drawing in this energy is so you can channel it through you during the third hour. 2 Hours of intense exercise also triggers neurogenesis - or the creation of new brain cells. The third hour is spent you fostering these new brain cells into states of such higher positivity that you can access to a more refined energy frequency out there. Your mind is super focused, super aware, and now operating at it's highest capacity. 

 Back to breathing. You know you are doing it right when you actually feel passion, when you breathe in intensely & PASSIONATELY. Be really happy you can do this at all, after all you are expressing life to the max when you do this, so really, make your breathe in line so you feel this. 


 Inspiration - to inspire. Also to breathe in. 

 Expiration - to pass. Also to breathe out. 

 These words and definitions have more than just the simple act itself in play. Open up your world. It is all there if you know where to look for it. Take it to the next level. 

 Sometimes formal and lexical semantics, root words, show more about what they are representetive of (definition) than most people realize. 


 Uni - One. 

 Verse - Story. 

 Incorporate all of the concepts of mutliple universes (really just varied energy spectrum) into this one. Any new concept and understanding of what other dimensions are like exists along WITH, not beside, not next to, but is a part of this one universe. 

 This one story. 

 Make it all fit and make sense of it. 

 Then take it to the next level of understanding.