How to hack your brain and increase its processing power to work FOR YOU... naturally.

I think I am the first person to have "hacked" the brain at this level to allow for greater manifestational properties/results in creating anything positive you can possibly focus on. By hacked I mean I figured out a way to tap into and release a power, essentially a body of capability already existing within you that makes you work at your maximum potential on so many different levels (infinite). The great thing is, if you do it right, you have no choice but to excel in any positive direction(s) - a multifaceted positive result from an initially linear and material practice.

 To begin: You use your body (muscles) as a generator of electricity (literally increasing brain power through the firing of muscles). Use extensor muscles to affect the reticular activating system RAS (1) (through reverse engineering of known body of knowledge) which causes great focus, attention, arousal, concentration, even higher consciousness. Throw in a lot of gravity work - to develope a highly refined sense of balance - your very perception of the very subtle and constant thing we do all the time - know where we are in time space. 

 These exercises make your brain super aware and highly functional. Use this super mental concentration window you have honed through by physical exercising to allow your mind to tap into and "harness" and attract higher energy frequencies and particles into you. Positive frequencies like purity, love, order, happiness, bliss, etc... 

 1) Exercise body to waken the brain to safely known max realm. 

 2) Use mind to focus on synchronizing with then channeling higher positive frequencies (using breathing techniques - see FB notes.) 

 3) Watch your environment respond over time (time response for reality to manifest becomes shorter the longer you practice, and initially, the quicker and stronger you can synchronize with and channel this high universal frequency.) 

 Next level - 

 Unlock super God mode: Now if you have the discipline to do 3 hours of working out (2 hours anything intense that builds better muscle control like balance. Just play with gravity until you own it and it becomes powerful and graceful with you- just to fully wake your higher self up for a bit. THEN one hour energy channeling, or chi work.) IF you can do this then you will be able to do what is considered today... as the impossible. 

 This is the "empyrean" icing on the cake. If you do work out like this consistently you will create new, more powerful brain cells. These brain cells will trigger these positive thoughts you have been focusing on and all of the sudden, these thoughts are now running your brain. I am serious, you will redesign the software running your brain with the highest code language possible - from a clean install. This is not only called neuroplasticity, you are now tapping into neurogenesis (2). The creation of new, powerful brain cells... naturally. 

 They (the new brain cells, or neurons) have no limits or pre-programmed preconceptions like the neurons that make up your brain now. That is why they have the potential to be super powerful - if you focus on the ultimate positive outcome to whatever you want to manifest. 

 What is great is there is a built in system to prevent misuse. If you try and manifest anything negative, the system will override and you have now basically short circuited your brain. Don't be a dunce and try and harm yourself, or others like this. You have been warned. 

 So anyway, not sure how many different ways I can say this. This is the real deal Holy field. Also, I need more maximally enlightened people in this world. It is good for all of us. 

 Come play on this plane. You owe it to yourself during this lifetime. 

 /signed AEM



 Art Mancheno on Neurogenesis