If there were a first in the Universe, it would be Order.

Years ago I narrowed the whole of the universe into 3 things that are present everywhere at all times to various degrees. I came up with order, force, and energy. Force is the orderly expression of energy.

I have since wondered what would be first if any of those things were first in the universe (I actually think everything is cyclic and everything has always been here so there was no "first"). But it turns out that if there WERE a first among those 3, it would be order. Specifically because while something like energy is not easy to define but can be - colors - light waves/frequencies, sound waves - molecular waves/frequencies, etc., that means if you can define it, it expresses order so you can NOT rule out order in a system like ours since it is inherent to the definition of what kind of energy (sound/light/heat, etc) is being expressed. You will always find order in a system.

 So, if you can define something, you can categorize it and put it in a sort of box - limited by the rules of expression. It also means it contains order. Always reverting back to order. Therefore order must be the first of those 3 (force, order, energy) 

 Of course there are varying degrees of order all around, that is why the world is not as perfect as we would like it to be. 

 To be clear when I say "order" I mean universal order, not mans loose concepts of order.