Inherent eternal wisdom already in you.

Did you know that the very atoms that make you up have always been here? The material that makes you up already comes with a wisdom that is inherently built into itself. Atoms know what you were before they became a part of you, and will continue to exist long after you, but in a different form. They are eternal. This, "it all started with the big bang" theory is just as ridiculous as thinking that a magical, almighty creature willed it all into existence. There is a source of higher order, but it does not work this way.

The answer is that there are more than likely cyclic big bangs, repeated expansions and contractions.

The point however is, you have access to this timeless wisdom if you just learn to listen to it. In this form there is a filter (in your brain - RAS) that allows you to perform your regular daily tasks without having to deal with this innate information overload.   Learn to take it all in.

- Arturo Mancheno