The Evolution of Exercise - What to Expect Next...

I have been around long enough to have witnessed the evolution of exercise from your basic weight lifting gyms popping up everywhere, the growth of aerobic exercising (HBO), and the continuation through to MMA, Crossfit, and the growing popularization of yoga.

I have practiced all of these in some form, some many years before becoming popular.

What is next? Qigong. 

The other day while at the gym I noticed one person channeling energy correctly and powerfully. Took me by surprise but was very nice to see.

Qigong is like working energy through the body. Being able to tap into and harness this universal energy is a gift. The idea is to guide the energy while at the same time being guided by it and working it through and around you. 

Sounds esoteric, I know, but pioneers in each one of the exercise disciplines were always on the cutting edge. 

Personally, I can't wait for it to become popular, and it will. 

If you practice yoga now, I strongly recommend looking into this form of mind body exercise to supplement your existing training. 

Qigong is the ultimate in mind body spirit unification. 

 Do it! 

 Best of luck connecting and channeling! 

 ~ A