The Story of Green and Purple

One day I was walking across the desert at Burning Man with a long time friend, Randy G., and some overwhelming feeling, like grand intuition, just came and entered me. I suddenly had a profound desire to mention to Randy the colors green and purple. For a millisecond I was questioning whether or not to share this funny color combination or not but before I could even finalize this internal debate I find myself turning to him and I say, "For some reason the colors green and purple are in my mind."

 I have known this friend, Randy, for a very long time so felt comfortable sharing this peculiar information (later that day realized as divination) with him. I consider him to be highly intelligent, if there is ever something I do not know science-wise I turn to him and he usually has a good idea or knows the topic well. He can usually count on me to do the same. 

 So later that same evening we start talking to a neighbor (Hib E. is his name) camping in the same area, the topic is meditating with light energy. I mentioned working with white light, I explained that I choose white because I rationalized years ago that it has all of the colors of the energy spectrum in it. I also associate it with pureness, a key component in the process of my connection to source. Anyway, Hib tells us his mom taught him to do the same but with different colors. 

 I knew right then to ask him, "What colors?" Hib replies, "Light green and purple." 

 Excitedly I turn to Randy which heard the whole conversation and I say, "See? The colors green and purple!" 

Randy turns to me and says, "You said green and purple, he said LIGHT green and purple." 

I thought he was kidding but he was dead serious and saw no connection whatsoever.

The moral of the story is, even when the unbelievable happens right before their eyes, it is still not believable. 

I chalk it up to being an inherent protection mechanism innate in most. I mean how much do you have to change your world view to think that such things would be possible and have a rational explanation for it? A complete paradigm shift most people are not ready for. Still, that does not stop me from showing others the universe that really exists!