The Universe is Alive Postulate.

Life force can only come from other sources of life force. I believe the whole universe is alive.

We eat food that was once alive, that food received its life source from other animals or plants, plants received life source from Earth & Sun. Earth receives life source from the Sun and everything else around.

The sun must also receive sustenance from its surroundings.

The rules of physics, the orderly fashion and nature of the universe itself provide the template that sustains the sun. The fuel that is burned came from material that has been around forever, as you can not create or destroy energy, but change its form. Stuff that has been around for all time, as cyclic big bangs occur. The sun did not just spontaneously create itself. It requires the material of the universe, therefore is dependent on it.  This process is telescoping infinitely outwards, and in as well. Our definition of life has to include this. 

I think we should see the universe for what it is and broaden our consciousness and understanding of the universe itself, as being a living entity.

Expand your understanding of the definition of life.