What is "God"?

While everyone is bashing religion let me enlighten you with my own personal insights on the matter. I have defined "god" myself and think it is the best definition out there until I see a better one comes along. Here goes.

The energy source people refer to as "God" (powerful, pure, orderly energy), DOES exist. It is only a very minute spectrum of energy, that you can tap into, that exists within the full spectrum of energy around us. This "source" IS perfect, but man is not. That is where the trouble lies. 

Since man is not perfect, it follows that mans definition or understanding IE religion is not perfect either. The source is perfect, mans interpretation not. So my advice is, don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. 

Create your own personal connection, or don't, it is your choice. In a way, it is like working out (exercise), you can develop the relationship with yourself to look better and feel better or not if you opt to do nothing, in which case that is your loss. 

Same with this divine connection/relationship only it is divine in nature. A connection between you and the source. No religion involved. Just self realization and self actualization. 

If you are the type to wait for science to explain what is obvious to many you will go to your grave having limited your full potential experience.