When meditating, praying, making goals...

When you focus on improvement of self, don't limit yourself there.

 You interact with others so it is to your own benefit to wish them better as well. This is truly a collective experience. 

 It is very important that you do better yourself, physically, mentally, spiritually and any other way possible. 

 It is important to do so because there is no doubt that you will come across others that are not at the elevated consciousness level that you may be. So you must find a way to ground yourself so your vision is not altered or set back by theirs. 

 Also because you will come across others that are at a higher level of oneness with self and the universe itself, so you want to be the best you can be to keep others on their ascended level. 

 Dance while you meditate. Make it a part of your movement. Channel positive energy through you. Make it a part of your very being. Invite it in. It is infinite in nature. 

 Once you feel yourself channel this state of being, share it with the world, with the whole universe even.  

Replenish and repeat. 

 The universe itself is an ever evolving consciousness and you are part of it. Your actions have a greater effect than you can possibly understand right now, but I expect and hope someday you will... understand and be a part of that. 

 So set goals, pray, focus, meditate, on self to improve, and for the universe itself to improve. 

 No limits. No boundaries. Just a higher vision for what can be. 

 With love and yours on this path toward elevated, enlightened self, and elevated reality expression for all, 

 Arturo Mancheno