3 Doors to Enlightenment

There are 3 doors you have to go through in the right order to super actualize.

Door 1) Physical - takes 2 hours of intense exercise playing with gravity. This is required to maximize the focus and power of your mind to be able to open Door 

2) Mind is primed to be able to focus on an energy field that consists of pure, orderly, energy. Imagining anything that is good is fine (light vs dark, love vs hate, highest energy spectrum vs lowest energy vibration, etc). You use your prime mind to take in this energy through breathing exercises until you replace all of the energy inside of you with this new "quantum" energy that exists throughout the universe. You do this over and over while performing yoga-esque and Qi-gong style movements for an hour or until you access 

Door 3) Aligning your energy with the highest energy spectrum in the universe. Here you can either manifest something you desire (good only - self limiting system) or you ask this powerful source to give or fill you with what it knows you need. This energy is just a higher vibration, it is not higher than you, it can be more a part of you. It is just energy, but the best energy.