Gravity & You

In my search for ultimate truth, I have found it very useful to break things down to their most basic components. One day, I made an attempt to try and make myself as “in tune” with the universe as possible. I began to question myself as to how that would be possible. I took into consideration that we were energy beings. I thought, “What can I do to make myself more in tune with the environment”. The answer was, be a master of gravity.

 I knew that gravity was a constant force; therefore it is something that we have a deep profound developmental memory of, for all time. Becoming more perceptive towards the effects of gravity would elevate my congruence with all other things. I knew there was also a powerful neurological connection between gravity and the body and mind. I will explain the neurology behind the connection of body mind now and then go one to give you a bit of information into my background and experiences that allowed me to delve into a more refined understanding of the body and mind. We now know that neurogenesis occurs in the dentate gyrus portion of the brain after rigorous aerobic activity. The dentate gyrus receives information from the cortex, basically from the various senses. The more senses that are activated the more the dentate gyrus is stimulated. 

 How to stimulate the cortex… 

 Bombard it with multisensory information. 

 Music, light, and a more refined perception of your position in space and material items around you stimulate your cortex. Doing exercises that deal with equilibrium makes you more agile, graceful, and powerful and they stimulate gamma neurons. Gamma motor neurons are stimulated by effects of gravity on your body. Gamma neurons stimulate a part of your brain called the (RAS) reticular activating system. The reticular activating system, when stimulated, raises your level of cortical alertness, consciousness, focus, motivation, and arousal. As mentioned previously, the dentate gyrus, the area that sees new neural development in the brain more so than other structures is stimulated by the cortex. Full circle. How to achieve this maximally? Unlike all the gurus that tell you meditation is good for you but then do not teach you how to effectively meditate, I will provide a step by step template to help guide you on your journey.