Light VS Light Bringer

If this ride is about a great battle between good and evil then I imagine those in control of the material world have chosen the wrong source of light to follow.

The relationship I have with the universe, the synchronicity that manifests itself in and around me suggests the concept of Luca to be the true representation of light. From the latin word lux, meaning light. The other is Lucifer or "Bringer of light". The word Lucifer is taken from the Latin Vulgate, which translates הֵילֵל as lucifer, meaning "the morning star, the planet Venus", or, as an adjective, "light-bringing". 

 One IS a representation of light and therefore would be a light to all, whereas the other channeled false "light" can be directed and be put to work for personal gain and agenda - with intent alone essentially corrupting source lights true nature into something that is its polar opposite. 

 Therefore it is best to take in this light directly from pure, good source energy into you and from no other "source".  Cut out all middlemen.  This is a relationship between you and it, between you and the universe.  Do not distort it and the universe will further reveal its nature to you.

The light channeled through man with wrong intent has tendencies to distort the energy and that in turn can be used for pure evil, and for personal agenda. The pure good source light itself - from it directly to you for pure good only. 

 I say always choose what you would like to channel, because it becomes a part of you. Each choice does have rewards and each has downsides, one takes more work (accessing good) but exposes a greater, more beautiful reality, the other is accessible but is the lowest rung of power - mainly purely material in nature - the downside of which takes a heavy toll on your peace of mind, your ability to feel true tranquility.

Unfortunately because it is the nature of man to go for the easiest source of power they stop searching where they have become powerful, and what they know works for them.  They settle in their consciousness evolution there.  They fail to see so much more is possible.  So much more great and good power available.  This low rung of power is based on greed and a power of the wrong nature and therefore expresses itself in nature as destruction of world life.  It is because that power lacks, so you can never have enough.  True light fills entirely, and expresses itself in utter peace and fulfillment.  Our ascension in consciousness is at the very beginning stages with so much further to go.