Protecting Self

Let me preface by first saying that I am sure you're doing your best, and I am only sharing what I have experienced and what it took me to deal with it. From my own understanding and experiences, it is that your aura or energy-field is unprotected. There are four vibrational sheaths or "bodies" that make up your aura or energy-field: the identity/etheric body, the mental body, the emotional body, and the physical body. As a whole, they are called your four-lower bodies, or soul-vehicle that facilitates your journey here on Earth temporarily.

 Just as we all have these four-lower bodies so does the material universe, that means the Earth itself is also surrounded by these four-lower bodies, in other words, we collectively affect each other emotionally and mentally. Each of the vibrational spectrum are harmoniously inter-connected. Obviously, the highest vibrating body is the identity or etheric, then comes the mental, the emotional, and then the physical. Now, we all have a Higher Self that is vibrating at a much more higher frequency than our four-lower bodies and it is of a higher state of consciousness than anything of this material universe, and thus they reside in the spiritual or ascended realm, where the vibration is very high. There is a part of us within that is directly connected to our Higher Self, that part of you is pure consciousness or awareness and it is an extension of your Higher Self, that pure consciousness is YOU here below on Earth while your Higher Self is another part of you that is above in Heaven or the spiritual realm, together they form the Tai-Chi - As Above, so Below. But that is a topic for another time. ​ 

 Identity Body: This is the highest vibrating body, and it stores the identities that you take on during your many lifetimes on Earth. Your identification with anything, your worldview, and your view about yourself and others. 

 Mental Body: This body contains your thoughts. Simple as that. 

 Emotional Body: Again, this body contains your emotions and feelings. 

 Physical Body: This is obvious, it is your physical body that you have right now in this particular lifetime. ​ 

These four vibrational sheaths is what makes up the material universe as a whole. Beyond the material universe is an even higher vibrational spectrum that many ascended or spiritual beings resides that are of unconditional love, thus it is the spiritual realm or if you'd like to call it Heaven. Nevertheless, all these vibrations are not divided or separated, they are just in a different level of vibration. 

 Now, the reason why you sometimes might feel the emotions or lower vibrations of others, is because you are unprotected, and also it is because you have that same energy vortex within your aura, and that the person is reinforcing that within you, knowingly or unknowingly, consciously or unconsciously. Because when you are unprotected, you will definitely attract the same level of vibration. It's like an in-road for such energies and vibrations to latch onto unless you protect your aura daily, find the cause of that vibrational energy and make an effort to transmute it, to change its frequency. Just as a diver takes precautions against sharks to deep dive underwater, so do we need to protect ourselves as long as we are here on Earth. Imagine your aura shaped ovally, now imagine that within your aura there are certain energy vortexes or "debris" that are of a lower vibration, if you are unprotected then obviously those lower energies will start to magnetize or attract people or certain beings into your life with the same level of vibration. 

 The fact is, Earth is not at its highest potential right now or collectively; at a very high state of consciousness or vibration. There is so much lower vibrations, limiting ideas, and karmic energies in this world that just by meditating and thinking ourselves as "holier-than-thou" is not going to cut it. Spiritual freedom is something that is earned. It just doesn't come by thinking positively all day long - for many of us have so much to heal, be it spiritual or psychological, and it certainly depends on the individual. Not trying to be all doom and gloom, but your spiritual path, my spiritual path, anyone's spiritual path requires diligence and great effort to attain a higher state of consciousness, or to qualify for their ascension. It is about taking full responsibility for our state of consciousness or mind. 

 What I can suggest to you is to start doing more research on how to protect your aura, but also finding ways to recognize the cause as to why you have this lower vibrational energy vortex in the first place. It could be a limiting belief about yourself or others. It could be your own anger from past lives or this one. It could be stored resentment or even trauma from your childhood. 

It could even be a karmic energy. Remember that only 10% of content is in your conscious mind, and 90% of content is in your subconscious mind - what I mean by content is your beliefs, ideas, thoughts, feelings, images, visions, etc. That is why a change in conscious thinking is not enough, you are going to have to work with your subconscious mind. If you desire, you could even visit my website as I do have a practical spiritual technique that I shared. I know it benefited me greatly, beloved. If you so desire and if you feel it is right for you, reach out to me. 

Though our greatest tool is our intuition, and that is one of the best advice I can give you. It is imperative that we develop our intuition so that we can discern the many level of vibrations in order to protect ourselves. We, who are spiritual, are very sensitive, and so we must do our part to protect ourselves.

- Abdul-Aziz Tariq